Sesame seeds

Our Partners is leading Processor & Exporter of Hulled sesame seeds,natural Sesame seeds

The major product we deal in is sesame seeds

India is the world’s largest producer of sesame seeds, accounting for one-third of the global output. India produces a whole range of sesame varieties and grades each peculiar to the region where they are grown.

Products of Sesame are:

— Hulled Sesame Seed

The procurement operations start at the first point of collection, where the sesame seeds are delivered by the farmer or small buying agents in lots weighing just a couple of kilograms. With its network of buying units and agents, Ganesh Agro Foods  is able to aggregate the supplies into sizable quantities.

Significant investments in infrastructure including warehouses and cleaning machines, ensures that Ganesh Agro Foods  manages the entire range of operations from collection, storage, quality up gradation, packing, transportation and shipping. All this has resulted  in  making us  a significant participant in the Hulled sesame seed trade from India.


Top Quality Natural sesame seed is cleaned before hulling. Sesame seeds are hulled in completely stainless steel (SS) hulling machines, The SS Hulling  plant make hygienic conditions possible, with minimum human contact. which satisfy  international quality norms,   with no additives or chemicals. This process implies that the seeds retain all natural richness and flavor, while losing its skin.

The natural sesame seed undergoes an initial screening and thorough cleaning, assuring a clean seed ready for hulling.

Hulled sesame seed undergo a low temperature physical hulling during which no additives or chemicals are used. Hulled sesame seed contains all proteins, amino acids and vitamins within the seed that are easily absorbed within the human digestive system. The removal of the skin makes the seed softer and better digestible.

Goods are packed with utmost care, in multiwalled paper / polyethylene bags of international standards

Stuffing of export cargo is undertaken with utmost care , to keep quality intact, to avoid damages and protect cargo from dust and oil stained surfaces up to the port of shipment and thereafter to the port of destination.

Natural Sesame Seed

It is rich in vitamin B and is an important nutritional additive to salads and dressings. It is extensively used to embellish bakery products such as sesame seeds on bread, breadsticks, cookies and candies and as a garnish on pasta and vegetables. It is also used in curry dishes. Natural sesame seed is carefully cleaned by Ganesh Agro before it is sold or hulled. Natural sesame seed is an important nutritional additive to several. It adds a particular nutty taste to the food, it contains valuable amino acids and B-vitamins. It is applicable in cholesterol free diets.

When natural sesame seed is roasted, the specific nutty sesame taste becomes more pronounced. The nutty taste of roasted sesame seed is a major attraction for producers of consumer goods with a covering of sesame seed. Bread, breadsticks, cookies, chocolate and ice cream are ideal products for roasted natural sesame seed.

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